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Road Bicycle Rack #01


The Road Bicycle Rack #01 is a refined solution to a basic problem for urban cyclists: storing bikes indoors can make any living space feel like a garage. The Rack’s elemental forms, high quality materials and finish can help better integrate bikes into a home environment.

The wall-mounted Rack is made of painted oak, powder-coated aluminum and steel. All fasteners are concealed and the Rack is adjustable to accommodate a variety of road bikes (while keeping the front wheel straight to prevent tire scuff marks on the wall).

  • Made in USA
  • Patented
  • For handlebar widths up to 18” (460 mm) and horizontal/round-ish top tubes.
  • Complete instructions and drywall installation kit included
Free shipping in the US on orders of $150 or more. 


    Every time you bring it inside, your bike gets that sorry and unwanted look. Like it knows it's always getting in the way of everything: your big plans for vacuuming regularly, the shelf of books you've been meaning to read, probably need a better indoor bicycle storage solution. 

    (Fade to the Road Bicycle Rack #01)